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At the heart of it, I am an adventurer, an explorer, and a dreamer. I have been fascinated by the splendor of the night sky since I was seven years old. From our own Moon and solar system, to distant galaxies teeming with trillions of stars, the awe-inspiring beauty of our universe offers so many wonders for curious minds. 

To me, absolutely nothing compares to that moment when you are standing alone in pitch blackness, illuminated only by the light of a billion distant suns, when suddenly all of life’s problems seem so insignificant, and you realize that our purpose is to appreciate and to preserve this pale blue dot on which we live, so that future generations can continue to marvel in awe at the wonders revealed by the night sky. For me, the majesty of the nightly canopy gives me perspective and a sense of place.

As much as I enjoy sharing these natural wonders with you, I hope that my art also inspires you to go out, look up, and find these amazing beauties with your own eyes. We spend so much time looking at glowing screens on our desks and in our hands. The most amazing phenomena are all out there waiting for us, and they're all free. So go outside tonight, lie down on the grass with a blanket, and just look up at the stars.

- Madhavan


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